Flexible application suite dedicated to security operations
Flexible application suite dedicated to security operations
Case Creation
Automated Data Aggregation

Seamless importing of all manifest data means you can store all of your data on one single platform.

Inspect every container in the blink of an eye

Automated, data-driven inspection of all containers or vehicles passing through your port or border.
Profiler automatically assesses the potential risk, assigns a risk score and optimises the targets selected for further screening, so you can accurately and confidently predict which containers to scan.

Decision Centre
A consolidated view of your operations

Decision Centre puts the smart in your security operations, giving you a single view of all targets being managed through your system.
With it, you can give your customs officers more visibilty over assessments and greatly improve their efficiency.

Scan Manager
Quickly and easily manage device output and images

Scan Manager associates scan images in UFF 2.0 format to CORSYS cases for further assessment and inspection.

Single application for image assessment

Analyser allows operators to review images from any scanning device quickly and manage case workflow and escalations, including verdict management.
It providers inspectors with richer information on suspicious containers to enable better decision-making.

Analyser +
Advanced application for image assessment

Analyser + uses cutting-edge algorithms to assess scan images and alert assessors to suspect content, increasing throughput and successful inspection rates while reducing guesswork and streamlining operational costs.

Container inspection in any corner of your port

Simplify target escalation and physical inspections through the ability to review target data and case history, record verdicts and upload photo evidence to cases.

Real-time reporting on your security operations

Customisable dashboards empower you to manage your ports more effectively.
Streamlined data visualisations help you review complex data sets and monitor KPIs and other performance metrics more effectively.

Machine Learning
Higher quality insights

Analyse huge amounts of data from big and disparate sources to provide better insights to improve your decision-making process. Machine Learning grows smarter as more data is analysed, helping to improve outcomes such as success rates when scanning containers.