Case Creation
Automatically generated cases
  • A new case is created when targets enter a port or border crossing
  • Data is ingested automatically from multiple sources and formats including biometrics, declaration forms and shipping company information
  • Combined with machine learning inputs, information can be aggregated into one single “source-of-truth” to enable better decision making
Automated risk assessment
  • Risk assessment scores are automatically generated based on complex algorithms linked to configurable risk categories, such as national security, smuggling, import/export, revenue collection, etc.
  • 100% data inspection and risk assessment using machine learning improves the accuracy of suspect target identification
Decisions Centre
Single view of your security operations
  • Single-window view of all targets improves inspector efficiency and effectiveness
  • Workflow prioritisation and approval management makes it easy for supervisors to assist with analysis and make decisions
  • Risk recommendation override enables re-routing of targets to different pathways
Additional Screening
Make use of existing NII inspection systems
  • Single application provides remote and mobile access to target data and the ability to record verdicts and upload photo evidence to cases to speed the inspection and case escalation process
  • Single-window application allows assessment of scan images generated from any manufacturer’s NII device in UFF 2.0 format
Consolidated, real-time operational insight
  • Retains and makes available all verdicts and case audit history for trend analysis, operational KPIs and self-service reporting
  • Data visualisations provide simplified view of complex data sets
  • Real-time and historical information on port performance streamlines management
Machine Learning
Intelligence to help you scan fewer containers
  • Machine learning analyses large data sets within CORSYS to provide insights and predictions
  • Excellent for dealing with complex, disparate data sources and highly-variable, high-volume data sets
  • More data means higher quality insight as data is added and analysed